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Before you join us for a fantabulous 30mins of fun,

HERE ARE A few things to take note:

1) Try to dress according to our summer theme. Come in bright, cheerful colours!

2) Please arrive at least 10mins before your allocated timing to warm up and be ready for the shoot.

3) If children are involved in the shoot, wipe snotty noses, clean eye booger & scrub teeth before the shoot.

    The cleaner the kid, the better the photos!

4) If your child is still of napping age, be sure they nap before the shoot.  


Paddle Lodge at Macritchie Reservoir. Our set will be on the wooden deck right infront of the Canoe/ Kayak rentals.

It's a 10mins stroll from the Macritchie Reservoir's carpark.


5) A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. The balance 50% can be made on the day of photoshoot.


6) A download link to Hi-res soft copies will be sent to you within a month from shoot.

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